• The cup continues to runneth over in south Texas, as a Southern Lapwing (5) in Hidalgo Co gets added to the assemblage this week. This represents a 1st record for Texas and the 2nd for the ABA Area following the much-discussed individual seen in 2022 in Michigan. That bird was recently accepted by local and ABA Area committees, though one wonders if the records were reversed, with this Texas individual representing the the 1st, whether there would have been nearly as much digital ink spilled in discussion.

  • Birders are full of strong opinions, some serious and some silly. In this new feature, we invite friends on to discuss the spiciest bird takes we can find to determine whether we Take it or Leave it. George Armistead and Amy Davis join host Nate Swick to talk about spark birds, seawatching, records committees, and whether we should share the locations of owls more frequently.

  • June 13-17, 2024
    Join our 2024 Bird of the Year tour in Sax-Zim Bog, Northern Minnesota. In the warmth of summer, the Bog bursts with life, as it is a breeding ground for many songbirds, including our Bird of the Year: Golden-winged Warbler! We are thrilled to announce that cover artist Natasza Fontaine will be joining us, too, for some fun and interactive art workshops during the tour. Don’t miss out on this exciting birds and art tour to one of the prettiest wilderness areas in the United States.