• This Month in Birding is The American Birding Podcast’s monthly round table discussion on all things birds and birding. This month features Jennie Duberstein, Tim Healy, and Ryan Mandelbaum covering bird name changes, universal alarm calls, what makes a bird attractive to humans, and more...

  • Clark’s Nutcracker, Pinyon Jay, and Pygmy Nuthatch are on the move in fall 2023. All three species are occurring on the coast and in the desert at lower elevations than usual, as well as out of range. Clark’s Nutcrackers reached Minnesota and Wisconsin, Pinyon Jays pushed eastward, especially in Colorado, and a Pygmy Nuthatch turned up in Saskatchewan.

  • March 22-31, 2024

    Join us for a wonderful birding tour focusing on Belize's Yucatan endemics and a host of wetland, rainforest, and pine specialist birds.