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Since 1989, Winging It has served as a way for the ABA to communicate quickly with its membership. Over the last two and a half decades, it evolved from the archetypal black-and-white newsletter into a highly-lauded and full-feature member of the ABA's publications suite, with regularly occurring and widely anticipated columns such as "Sightings", "Geared for Birding", "Milestones", and more recently, "News and Notes". For that we offer great thanks to the past editors of Winging It: Cindy Lippincott, Virginia Maynard, Matt Pelikan, Rick Wright, and Bill Maynard. But it's now 2013, and time takes us inexorably forward. Though Winging It served its purpose well for decades, there are now better and more efficient ways (such as email, blog posts, and facebook) for the Association to communicate quickly with its membership than by a bimonthly 16-page black-and-white newsletter which takes well over a month to produce. That's so...1989.

Therefore, it is with a great excitement—not sadness—that we have retired Winging It with the February 2013 issue. Is there something you've grown to love and look forward to in each issue of the newsletter? Don't worry! The online editions of Winging It will remain available to you here on the ABA webpage. And we will contnue to generate new content, it will just be found in different locations within the ABA's expanding media universe. "Milestones" and Paul Hess's "News and Notes"? Look for them in Birding. Eric Salzman's "Books for Birders"? Our burgeoning selection of book reviews, now shepherded by Rick Wright, now appears at The ABA Blog. Amy Davis's "Sightings" will still be produced in Birding, both in the printed version and as stand-alone online editions promoted on The ABA Blog. Classified ads are now at Birder's Marketplace."Geared for Birding"? Expert contributor Bill Schmoker's content will appear in Birding, some on The ABA Blog, and some in Birder's Guide.

Say what? What's Birder's Guide? That's the truly exciting part of this transition! Click here to find out.