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A Birder's Guide to Louisiana

Richard Gibbons, Roger Breedlove, and Charles Lyon
Published 2013
Print/Electronic PDF, 286 pages
ISBN: 978-1-878788-44-3
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Already well known for its diverse and exciting culture, music, and food, Louisiana has more than its fair share of outstanding birding, too. If you like seeing lots of birds, you’ll love Louisiana. Bird density is staggeringly high by anybody's standards in Louisiana, and some of the concentrations are stunning.

Spring migration in the coastal woodlots and rice fields is unforgettable and yet even the prime spots are relatively uncrowded with people. Summer provides excellent chances to see breeders like Swallow-tailed Kite, Swainson’s Warbler, and Bachman’s Sparrow. Autumn sees a long, protracted procession of migratory birds working their way southward, and wintering birds arrive with each passing cold front.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Louisiana birding is the opportunity for discovery. Louisiana is still largely composed of wildlife habitat with cities sprinkled throughout, rather than the other way around. Although you may run into more people with a rod and reel or Catahoula hound than a binocular and a field guide, the outdoor camaraderie is evident.

A Birder's Guide to Louisiana will guide you to the best birding spots in Louisiana. The guide contains descriptions, maps, species lists, and directions for over 100 sites.