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A Birder's Guide to Colorado

A Birder's Guide to Colorado

Harold R. Holt
Revised 1997
392 pages, wire-O binding
ISBN 1-878788-05-1
Out of Print

Colorado has a wonderful diversity of birds, offering exciting specialties and serendipitous finds to birders from every part of the continent. Most people associate Colorado with its Rocky Mountains—easily accessible right up to the tundra in every season of the year. Winter-plumaged White-tailed Ptarmigan, the same color as the snow—as shown in the author's cover photograph from Guanella Pass—is high on any birder's wish list, but on the way up to see it, you will also find the three species of rosy-finch and an excellent variety of jays, woodpeckers, and winter finches.

The Rockies is but one of the bird habitats for which Colorado is well known. The Eastern Plains, at their best on Pawnee National Grassland, offer such breeding specialties as Mountain Plover and McCown's and Chestnut-collared Longspurs. In April you may watch Greater and Lesser Prairie-Chickens on their strutting grounds.

the Western Plateaus and Valleys, which comprise the western third of Colorado, have their own specialties—Sage and Sharp-tailed Grouse, Chukar, Gray Vireo, Black-throated and Grace's Warblers, and many more.

In 1973 James A. Lane and Harold R. Holt published the first edition of Birder's Guide to Eastern Colorado, furnishing birders with explicit instructions for locating Colorado's most sought-after species in the eastern part of the state's best birding areas. Now, this fourth edition has been completely rewritten to provide indispensable new information. Harold Holt, with the help of dozens of the state's most devoted birders, describes birding locations throughout the state, many of them new in the guide. Ninety detailed maps reflect the text's route instructions. Useful bar graphs show seasonal abundance in Colorado's major regions for 399 species of birds; the Specialties of Colorado section itself treats 139 species in greater detail.

All-around naturalists will appreciate the guide's current lists of Colorado's reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.