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Birding Cover

Birding, the ABA's 35-year-old, bimonthly flagship publication has evolved from an 8-page mimeographed newsletter to a full-color, award-winning magazine. Birding's editor, Ted Floyd, plans each issue far in advance and, with the help of expert department editors and technical reviewers, refines each article and review, to ensure accuracy of content and stylistic polish. Each issue of Birding features broad coverage of various aspects of bird identification and birdfinding and a unique, unifying thematic concept. The magazine also presents expert media reviews and keeps readers on their toes with its photo quiz.

Winging It

Winging It Cover

Since 1989, ABA members have also received a newsletter, Winging It, which keeps readers informed about current birding events, good birding sites, and outstanding records. Winging It depends on ABA members to supply a steady flow of birdfinding articles and inserts and thoughtful letters to the editor, Michael Retter. Members may place free, non-business-related classified ads; business classifieds, available to members, are widely considered the most timely and productive means of reaching the active, committed birding community. They are a bargain at the current rate of $50 per insertion.

Gear Guide For Birders

Gear Guide Cover

The Gear Guide is an annual publication that showcases the latest gear in the birding industry. The guide includes reviews on binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, apparel, birding apps, software, field guides, multimedia, accessories, and more. This guide is mailed to all ABA members in November, just in time for the holiday season.

Big Day Report & List Report

Big Day Report & List Report Cover

The annual Big Day Report and List Report as a supplement to Birding. This publication showcases our members' birding achievements via a collection of anecdotal, one-day birding adventures and species list totals from the previous year.

Other ABA Publications

North American Birds

North American Birds Cover

North American Birds is the ABA's quarterly journal of ornithological record, available by separate subscription. NAB editor Ned Brinkley and a diligent network of over 70 regional editors provide a complete seasonal overview of the changing panorama of North America's birdlife, including outstanding records, range extensions and contractions, population dynamics, and changes in migration patterns. NAB provides indispensable information for the serious birder.


Special Project

Birdfinding Guide Cover

The ABA publishes and distributes the ever-expanding ABA Birdfinding Guide series, which is widely recognized as setting the gold standard for site guides in North America. The guides feature the best information available on bird distribution within "hot spot" areas of North America, such as Florida, Southeastern Arizona, Southern California, Alaska, and many other regions. Special features include annotated species lists, bar graphs representing seasonal distribution, and maps of key sites. The guides are written by expert birders from each region covered in the series and benefit greatly from the skills of a highly experienced editorial and map-making team.