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ABA Photo Quiz
with Tony Leukering

ABA Photo Quiz – Jan 2018

January 9th, 2018|

Ah, everybody’s favorite, a brown duck. Fortunately, despite many birders’ seeming thoughts that there aren’t, there are numerous useful ID characters presented in this photo that enable a quick solution to the quiz.

ID Challenges

ID Challenge: Small Passerine

Although it doesn't offer your typical field guide pose, this photo certainly does provide a view that we often see while birding-a bird's rear end.

ID Challenge: Shorebird

The first step is to place a bird into the correct “group” of shorebirds, which we do largely by focusing on structure.

ID Challenge: Meadowlark

There are not that many birds with a bright yellow throat, bright yellow lores, and heavily patterned brown and black upperparts.

ID Challenge: Warbler

This bird has a relatively thin and small bill, a wash of yellow on heavily streaked underparts, and a short tail with prominent tail “spots”.

Advanced Identification


Soft Spot

Sure, it’s great to look at feathers. But the “soft parts” of a bird—its [...]

Identifying Juvenile Warblers

The Fun Really Begins Here

Secondary Aging Criteria

It pays to pay attention to the often-overlooked secondary flight feathers of large soaring birds.

Vagrancy and Identification of First-cycle Slaty-backed Gulls

North American birders face a formative identification puzzle...