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Arriving Migrant Shorebirds Deal With Contaminated Coast

More and more birds seem to be arriving on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This week, increasing numbers of Sanderlings, Ruddy Turnstones, and Semi-palmated Plovers were obvious on the shores of Grand Isle, Louisiana as well as many other species... READ MORE »

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Forcing the Media's Hand

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Louisiana in Photos Week 13, Gulf Oil Spill


Make your donation count! 95 cents of every dollar donated to the ABA's Gulf Coast fund will go directly to organizations carrying out grassroots bird monitoring projects, research projects, and clean-up efforts.

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Report Sensitive Nesting Areas

Cleanup crews are not necessarily experienced enough to stay out of nesting areas. We're calling on all birders and researchers to report the GPS coordinates as well a detailed description of nesting areas along the Gulf Coast. Please e-mail us at National Audubon Society and local wildlife agencies have agreed to help us rope these areas off. More Info »

Ghost Crab Study

Ghost crabs are a vital food source for birds, as well as an indicator of the health of an ecosystem. We are calling on volunteers to help monitor the ghost crabs. More Info »


Bird monitors across the northern Gulf rim are needed! Erik Johnson of Baton Rouge Audubon Society is coordinating all of our volunteers. Volunteers must be familiar with Gulf Coast waterbirds, have own transportation, and lodging. Hazards include broken glass, heat, bugs, etc. Please call Erik at 225-252-8864 or , if interested.