ABA Big Day/List Report

ABA Big Day and List Report



Listing Central has launched! No thresholds and thousands of lists! To submit your list totals to ABA, please read this blog post, and then register your account at listing.aba.org.


All data entry will now be online. You'll also be able to revise and correct your own numbers, greatly reducing the potential for transcription errors.

You will be able to manage your own account and entries, and there will be new lists, including:

• All U.S. and Canadian counties — life, year and month.
• More big days  (region, country, state, county, region within a state, national park, local patch, etc.)
You’ll also be able to view the data in a number of ways ... slice, dice and filter the entries to your heart’s content. Would you like to compare county life lists from Cuyahoga county in Ohio, with say, Black Hawk county in Iowa? Easy.

Also, each participating ABA member will have a profile page, with all of their stats in one place ... think of it like the back of a baseball card.

What about printed reports? Though we will no longer print and mail out a hard copy listing of names and rankings, that information will be available as a free download that can easily be printed, if you wish.

There’s more (much more), and we’ll be keeping you up to speed in Birding, Winging It, and the ABA Blog. So stay tuned, we are expecting to launch the new site on January 15, 2013.

Watch for updates here, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We're very excited to be offering this new and greatly expanded system for our member who enjoy tracking and celebrating their birding adventures and those of others through listing.

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