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American Birding Podcast: Letters from Bird Camp with Jennie Duberstein & Robert Buckert

Jennie Duberstein, ABA’s long-time Director of Camp Colorado and the Coordinator of the Sonoran Joint Venture bird conservation partnership and Robert Buckert, a young birder and recent Camp Colorado attendee from Rochester, New York, join me to talk about the camp experience both as a counselor and as a camper.

American Birding Podcast: Letters from Bird Camp with Jennie Duberstein & Robert Buckert2019-07-18T19:13:39-04:00

Ecuador Birding Bash 2020

July 17—26, 2020
$3,490.00 – $4,050.00

The ABA Ecuador Birding Bash has something for everyone! Birding, photography, sight-seeing, and extensions, extensions, extensions. Individual groups will be no more than 8 participants, but multiple groups will be staying each night in the same hotels and lodges so that they can mingle and reminisce over the day’s superb birding.

Ecuador Birding Bash 20202019-07-09T17:38:34-04:00

July 2019 Photo Quiz

Once more unto the flying-birds quiz photo, dear friends, once more. (Apologies to The Bard for the paraphrasing.) And, to make bad worse, the birds are flying away from us!

July 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:27:49-04:00

June 2019 Photo Quiz

The take-home message of this quiz (and the April 2019 quiz) is the same one that is front-and-center in most of my quizzes: Learn the field marks that aren’t usually noted in the field guides.

June 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:26:54-04:00

May 2019 Photo Quiz

Ugh. Birds flying away fairly high in the sky. Yes, those features often make bird ID difficult. However, in many such situations with many species, there still are enough clues to get to the correct ID. This is one such situation.

May 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:25:35-04:00

April 2019 Photo Quiz

So, we go from a bird flying away (in last month’s quiz) to a neck-breaking view of a different bird. Given the comparison in size with that of the various branches and leaves, we should surmise that April’s quiz bird is fairly wee.

April 2019 Photo Quiz2019-06-14T19:50:23-04:00

March 2019 Photo Quiz

As in many of my quiz photos, our subject bird is flying, and flying away at that. In reality, we would have little time to come up with an identification unless the bird changed course. Since we have a static image, we have some considerable amount of time to solve the ID problem.

March 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:24:49-04:00

February 2019 Photo Quiz

While bird heads hold a frequently large suite of characters that can assist with the ID process – bill color and shape, eye color, crown color and pattern, supercilium, eyeline, loral area, malar area, throat color and pattern to mention most – these features are only rarely required for the ID process.

February 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:23:14-04:00

Hawaii Rally 2019

October 16-25, 2019
$5,992.50 – $6,887.50

We will visit three islands—Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island, Hawaii. Our itineraries will give us very good to excellent chances to see an excellent selection of Hawaii’s native birdlife. Having Hawaii Forest and Trail as our outfitters, we’ll have wonderful access to some seldom-birded sites, on both public and private lands.

Hawaii Rally 20192019-06-13T12:47:26-04:00

January 2019 Photo Quiz

Yet another dark, flying bird to test our birding mettle. This bird’s longer bill should steer us away from the various raptorial orders, however. In fact, the combination of our quiz bird’s mostly black body plumage, an apparent white patch on the relatively short wing, the long tail, and extensive white on the head dramatically reduces the ABA-Area identification options.

January 2019 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:53:45-04:00