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February 2019 Photo Quiz

Photos and answers are supplied by Tony Leukering, a freelance ornithologist based in the Tampa Bay area, with strong interests in bird migration, distribution, and identification. He has [...]

February 2019 Photo Quiz2019-02-13T16:28:35+00:00

Hawaii Rally 2019

October 16-26, 2019
$5,992.50 – $6,887.50

We will visit three islands—Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island, Hawaii. Our itineraries will give us very good to excellent chances to see an excellent selection of Hawaii’s native birdlife. Having Hawaii Forest and Trail as our outfitters, we’ll have wonderful access to some seldom-birded sites, on both public and private lands.

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January 2019 Photo Quiz

Yet another dark, flying bird to test our birding mettle. This bird’s longer bill should steer us away from the various raptorial orders, however. In fact, the combination of our quiz bird’s mostly black body plumage, an apparent white patch on the relatively short wing, the long tail, and extensive white on the head dramatically reduces the ABA-Area identification options.

January 2019 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:53:45+00:00

West Virginia Adult Bird Camp

May 23—27 and May 28, 2019
$1,295.00 – $2,345.00

For the ABA’s first-ever Adult Birding Camp, we have chosen to visit longtime friends of ours in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. The cabins are homey. The food is home cooked. The feeling is fun.

West Virginia Adult Bird Camp2018-12-21T17:09:14+00:00

December 2018 Photo Quiz

Hopefully, we all agree that this month’s quiz bird is a raptor; certainly, the strongly hooked beak provides a datum supporting that initial ID. Raptors cause birders all kinds of fits as far as identification, for a wide variety of reasons. Their relative rarity means that most birders see relatively few individuals of most species in any given year, stretching the learning curve out over time.

December 2018 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:47:10+00:00

November 2018 Photo Quiz

Here’s an angle on a species that many of us seen frequently, but possibly not often like this. The features that grab my eye, include the white belly, the orange throat, and the white wing stripe. “What? White wing stripe? What is that?”

November 2018 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:19:24+00:00

October 2018 Photo Quiz

While many of us would get lost in the rufous aspect to the primaries of this month’s quiz bird, perhaps also the white in the secondaries, the initial critical aspect of this bird’s identification lies in noting its feet.

October 2018 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:18:26+00:00

September 2018 Photo Quiz

Ah, back to a flying bird; much better than those pesky facing-away sparrows. The short, wide, and fairly flat bill and longish, narrow wings do a pretty good at ruling virtually all ABA-Area bird families out, except for the Anatidae. I am certain that many of us do not particularly care for the viewing angle on this beastie.

September 2018 Photo Quiz2019-01-17T16:17:18+00:00

ABA Colombia Safari

20 July — 29 July, 2019
$3,900 per person, double occupancy from Bogotá, Colombia

Harboring almost 2,000 species, about of 1/5 of all those known on the planet, and with more hummingbird species (168 and counting!) than any other country, it is the hottest birding destination around right now. 

ABA Colombia Safari2018-10-14T08:38:33+00:00

ABA Antarctica Charter

31 October — 19 November, 2020
$14,300 — $23,500 per person, from Ushuaia, Chile

This journey to Antarctica is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and cannot come more highly recommended! Complementing astounding vistas are vast colonies of majestic penguins, brash skuas, giant petrels, weird sheathbills, somnolent seals and feeding whales that all add life to the region’s stark and amazing beauty.

ABA Antarctica Charter2018-10-26T14:03:48+00:00