Spring migration is here and gone in an instant, but there is hard work to be done all year long.
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ABA Board and Staff

ABA Board of Directors and Staff

American Birding Association, Inc.
1618 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
phone: (800) 850-2473/(719) 578-9703 / fax: (719) 578-1480

ABA Directors

  • Carl Bendorf Solon, IA
  • John Benzon Houston, TX
  • D.H. Michael Bowen Bethesda, MD
  • Matthew E. Fraker Bloomington, IL
  • Scott Fraser Collegeville, PA
  • Susan L. Jones Winston-Salem, NC
  • Kenn Kaufman Oak Harbor, OH
  • Robin Leong Vallejo, CA
  • Louis M. Morrell New York, NY – Board Chair
  • John C. Robinson Marysville, OH
  • Lili Taylor New York, NY
  • Charlie Teske Hyde Park, VT

ABA Staff

Jeffrey A. Gordon
Partnerships & Marketing
Bill Stewart, Director
Liz Gordon, Magician
LeAnn Pilger, Coordinator
Liz Gordon, Birders' Exchange (BEX)
Bill Stewart, ABA Young Birders
Nathan Swick, Bird of the Year Coordinator
George Armistead, Events Coordinator
Lisa Slocum, Accountant
Ted Floyd, Birding Editor
Michael Retter, Birder's Guide Editor
Ned Brinkley, North American Birds Editor
Ken Barron, Advertising Manager x243 (830) 895-1144
Ed Rother, Graphic Design
Jennie Duberstein, The Eyrie Manager & Young Birder Liaison
David Hartley, Web Developer & Membership Database Administrator
Greg Neise, Web Developer & Listing Central Moderator
Nathan Swick, ABA Blog Manager, ABA Area Rare Birds Editor, & Flight Calls Editor
Office Volunteers
Mel Goff
Lynne Miller